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Thursday 9 July

Boat Trip to Eileach an Naoimh.
Eileach an Naoimh (Holy Isle) is the furthest south of the Garvellach Isles and is the site of the first monastic settlement in Argyll founded by St Brendan (or Brandan) in the 5th century AD. The remains of a monastery, chapel, graveyard, well and beehive cells can be seen along with the reputed grave of St Columba’s mother Eithne. Brendan the Navigator and other monks sailed from here to Seil, the Outer Hebrides, Iceland and possibly North America in a small curragh. We spent about 4 hours on the island mostly in glorios sunshine.

Ancient Time

I sit on Eilach an Naoimh and watch as the sun casts diamonds on the sea,
the wind carefully sweeping them away.
I feel the eyes that hundreds of years before, and into the future, also watch;
knowing that in the life of the ancient rocks beneath it is but a single breath.

by Mandy L Plimley


Celtic Artwork: place, language, culture: Talk and Workshop led by Cheryl Galbraith.
This workshop explored some of the connections between Celtic art and wider culture, language and place. From the history of the art form as it developed, as Scotland did, under the influence of Picts, Celts, Vikings and others, to the spiritual and religious beliefs which are embedded deep in Celtic culture, and which find expression in art, music, folklore and poetry. We looked at how Celtic art has developed to express modern Scottish culture and at examples of the work of today's Celtic artists. From this introduction we moved to the practical part of the workshop which gave everyone a confident start in learning to use the Celtic idiom. We started by drawing some basic elements, and learnt how these can be combined and built upon to create more complex designs. As well as their own artwork, participants took away with them a set of workshop notes, including a bibliography, and some practical advice and exercises to help develop their work further.

My Journey to Luing: a musical presentation by Jacqui McDonald.
Jacqui spends a substantial part of each year on Luing, and has done since she first came here in the early 70's. Her musical journey began long before that with the Liverpool Spinners at first and then with Bridie as the duo Jacqui & Bridie. Their travels took them all over Britain, America and Canada. More recently Jacqui has toured folk events in New Zealand and Australia but Luing remains the 'constant' in her life and the island provides the source and inspiration for many of her songs and stories. Jacqui’s beautiful voice and fund of highly amusing tales were  very well received by a capacity audience.

Atlantic Food Showcase
With samples of seafood, home baking from the Luing First Responders team, chocolates from the Oban Chocolate Company and whisky tasting presented by Oban Distillery, all followed by an informal ceilidh.

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